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Eastside Handyman

Let us help you make your house into a home again.

Eastside handyman offers high quality, value driven work to help your house feel like a home. We do repairs of all sizes, remodels, and build what is missing for your home or yard.
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Life is hectic as it is, you don't need to  be searching all over the internet for someone to help with those odds and ends you just don't have the time to do. Nor dealing with people not calling you back.
With over 15 years of construction and carpentry experience, we know that one of the biggest concerns and problems homeowners have with tradesman is the communication or lack thereof. This is an unneeded complication in an already frustrating time. When we are in your home, you don't want to be confused about the how/what/why of the job. We will go and make sure you know what is happenening along the way, going the extra mile to make sure ther are no surprises and that you know what is happening.

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